Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Was up at 5 AM again, had coffee with my daughter in Bend, and finally rolled out of town about 7:30. this is about 15 miles West of Bend on Hwy 20. If you click on the picture, you can see the 3 Sisters in the background.
Sisters is a very buys little town. Lots for the tourist to see. In the summer, it's full of hikers and campers, in the winter a lot of skiers and snow fun people go there. There are several good places to eat, and a couple of nice Western stores, as well as a lot of clothing and novelty shops.
Highway 20, out of Sisters, OR. Starting to head up and over Santiam Pass.
You can see Mount Washington in the far background.
Stopped here to take a break and eat a protein bar.
Sahalie Falls, on Hwy 126. This is beautiful in all seasons!
Another shot of the Harley in the busy parking lot.
Time for a new Tye Dye!. The store at Vida, on the McKensie River, is a good place for coffee and a tee shirt!
The "big road". I had to spend about 30 miles on I-5 today between Eugene and the turn off to Hwy 38 near Drain. I"ve been on nice 2 lane roads for 2 days now, perfect for the Harley. It does fine on the freeway, but for me, it's more of a "go slow and enjoy the scenery" kind of bike.
Leaving I-5, will stay on Hwy 38 until I get on 101 at Reedsport, OR.
I usually take a picture of Tomaselli's when I pass through Elkton. This is the old standby, and my second favorite place there. It's been at this location since the 1940's, burned down once. Good homemade food.
You can barely see the barge on the river. It's constantly dredging the channel, and bringing up gravel to sell .
The Umpqua River, on it's way to the sea at Winchester Bay. Just a few miles from here.
This will close out this blog. I stopped in Reedsport at SCP on the way home. This bike will be featured in some magazine soon, and Guy wanted some pictures of it. It already holds an AMA land speed record for it's class, and in 7 weeks, it will attempt an FIM sanctioned as well as AMA World Speed record at Bonneville salt flats. Guy is pretty excited about it. He's going to be starting the preparation work next week.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This was Monday morning on Hwy 20 headed east. That's smoke from the wild fires that have been burning the sage brush for the last couple of days. I'm now back in Bend, OR, it's Tuesday night. I'm on the Harley, there are a couple pictures of "the trade" a little farther down. The fires are still burning, I had to come back on Highway 26 to miss them today.
Smoke hanging in the valley.
Early sun on a drift fence. these fences in the high county keep the snow from drifting over the highway in the wintertime.
A big pile of hay, and getting bigger. Trucks still hauling it in.
Early morning hay fields. There are a lot of deer out, so I'm being careful.
I love riding early in the moring. the sun has just come up.
I think this is coming down a hill into the little Oasis of Unity, Oregon.
Don't know if this is a wheat combine, or some kind of Hay equipment. Lots of both going on.
Is sure smells good passing these fresh cut hay fields............
Green fields and rock hills.
It's starting to look like Utah!
I passed many hay fields today. Here's a nice stack of fresh bales.
Daysville is a little old town, but seems to still have a lot of activity. this is their mercantile, there was beautiful hanging flowers outside.
Another small meeting of the cows.
When I took this picture, I didn't realize that I'd be riding up through this pass. It was beautiful, and a busy stream followed the highway.
This could be a home for retired VROC members! With a little work, it could be a special place.
You don't see too many logging trucks in this area, but they still cut a few small trees. These are probably 3rd growth.
I'm going over one of the 4 or 5 passes that are more than 5000 feet in elevation. When you're this high, you start to see Aspens.
I'm not sure what 's growing here, but it looks nice in all the surrounding dry area.
Looks like an interesting place.
Cows and Horses are everywhere. The feed is good this year, they all look to be in excellent condition.
I guess you'd have to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle of some kind if you wanted to chain up. Looks like they want you to drive up the mountain side!
Not many straight stretches on this highway..This was a short one.
Harley dash. It sure ain't a Gold Wing
There are many small towns in Eastern Oregon that border on being Ghost Towns. This is one of them. I think there was one old store with a gas pump, and that was all that was open.
Sherm and Eric (El Nomad) with their new bikes. I'm in Bend, OR now, it's been a very fun ride today on the vee twin.
All the little towns run together, I can't remember where this was.
"The" store in Unity, OR. A nice place to stop for coffee, enjoy the morning sunshine on the porch and adjust the backrest on the bike. A lady stopped in a new pickup, as she was pulling out, I noticed her left rear tire was going flat. I hollered at her, she backed up to the air pump, jumped out and filled it up, and split like lightning. I hope she didn't have too far to go.
Another little farm "oasis"
Krazbob and Barb Hutley's house in Mountain Home. They have done a lot of work on it in the 1.5 years they have lived here. A very nice comfortable home. Barb is a good steak griller too!
You guys in Iowa have nothing on us, lots of corn fields around Idaho and Oregon. In fact, the whole area is heavy into agriculture. The hay this year is yielding huge crops. I passed sugar beet farms, fields of onions, several leafy crops, corn fields, and of course, potatoes!
Another eating place along the way.
Highway 26 has a lot of animal running loose. Both wild and domestic. I saw a number of deer, rabbits, little rodents, and even a Badger. I kept the speed at a nice easy 59 mph.
Prairie City is a booming place!
The flying J in Twin falls. Starting the unloading and loading.
Yellow Pine. There is still a few groves of Old Growth, but most in in the 3rd cutting stage. Beautiful straight treel.